Molly designs each and every one of our bed linen collections. She scribbles and sketches over many, many cups of tea, until we have the final design. Each new season we'll share our inspirations and decisions we made for one special design. Our Butterflies Bedding was a favourite this summer, here's everything you need to know...

"When I was a very little girl, and Harriet was a tiny baby (with chicken pox), we went on holiday to Selsey Bill with our grandparents... I think. I have really special memories of this holiday running through a field with long grass with hundreds of butterflies. Trying desperately to catch them with my yellow net… I never did.
What in the world is as amazing and delicate as a butterfly? So tiny, so delicate yet with so many intricate patterns, markings and colours.
The shape is a designers' dream. Although my Molly style is not delicate and far more bold, I have always loved to draw butterflies. Unlike many other shapes, I think the butterfly deserves to be illustrated in a delicate lifelike style." - Molly

What do butterflies symbolise?

Did you know that if a butterfly lands on you, you're in for some good luck?

The butterfly motif has many, many different interpretations of meaning, but one that sticks every time is that they bring good luck. Popping this pattern around your home will bring plenty of good fortune to those who live there... lucky you! It's the perfect pattern if buying a new home, or for a new beginning.

Creating our Butterflies bedding

Once we're happy with the design it's time to make decisions on the scale of the pattern on the bed, the fabric we'll use, what thread count it will be and the colour. The neutral colour chosen works wonders with this design. It can be mixed in a room with other neutral shades, wooden furniture and crisp clean white.

This bed linen is woven on a Jacquard loom. The technology to make this design just right is incredible. It takes two men, a whole day to thread the warp yarns onto the loom ready for weaving. Molly's design is then programmed into the loom to make the butterflies appear when weaving. Magic! (Or the wonders of modern technology)

Styling Butterflies

When designing bed linen, we can't help but daydream about who might pop this on their bed. We chose to keep this bedroom simple and neutral to complement the colours and the nature of the butterflies. A simple white washed wooden floor lets the bedding take centre stage. The wall, although subtle in its finished form, took our lovely set builder Oliver an entire afternoon to create the perfect textured finish.