This month we are collaborating with the lovely beauty people at the This Works. We've been big fans of their pillow sprays for years now and we've asked them for their tips to a restful night's sleep...

"A good night's sleep is the first step in any skincare routine if you want to make sure you are always feeling and looking your best"

Whilst we sleep, we physically and mentally rest, giving our skin a chance to move into repair mode. During sleep, skin creates new cells, replaces aged ones, and removes any harmful toxins, renewing your skin. If you are a restless sleeper this renewal process is disturbed and a poor night's sleep is all too obvious come morning. The tell-tale signs being a drawn complexion, under eye bags and skin that is dull and fatigued.

Despite knowing the importance sleep has on our body, for many of us a 'good night's sleep' can feel like the holy grail. Busy lives, racing minds and a myriad of distractions can come between us and our pillows.

We know how our products can help your skin, but whenever and wherever possible we always try to follow these simple proactive steps to help us drift off.

Keep up a bedtime beauty routine

Something as simple as following the same routine each night, starting with what time you go to bed and what time you wake up can hugely improve your sleep. Getting a fixed amount of sleep each night, every night will work wonders for your skin. Spend some time before bed, really cleansing and mouisturising your skin. It's important to make sure your skin is always well hydrated, and treat yourself to a big glass of water before you hit the sack.

Have a long, hot soak

Treat yourself to a pre-bedtime bath infused with relaxing, sleep-inducing bath oils. Always bathe at least an hour before going to bed, as it raises your blood temperature and will prevent sleep. This is also the perfect time to give your face it's bedtime beauty fix by exfoliating, applying a mask or making sure it's moisturised.

Keep your room cool

Room temperature is key, and you should always keep your bedroom on the cooler side (around 16-18°C). This stops the duvet on/off battle, and a cool room temperature encourages and maintains quality sleep, thus increasing your melatonin production (your sleep hormone).

Look after your body

There are endless beauty benefits to looking after your body, but also what we put in our bodies will affect our sleep too. Keep your main meals to the daytime, avoid eating late at night and no coffee before bed.

Drink plenty of water

Avoid alcohol as a nightcap as it's too dehydrating. Opt for soothing chamomile tea rather than coffee, and of course make sure your're drinking lots of water in the day.

Keep your bedroom clutter free

Easier said than done but a bedroom free of clutter helps to create a clear, calm sleeping environment – so as a rule we put away or hang up clothes and keep surfaces as clear as possible.

And... Relax

Sounds simple but sometimes it’s the hardest thing to achieve as your mind is racing at the end of the day. That's why we love to spritz of bed linen with Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. It's an aromatheraputic super blend which includes True Lavender, to relieve tension, Vetivert to sooth the mind, and Wild Chamomile to alleviate stress. Harriet swears by it for getting her children to sleep too.

Do you have any of your own sleep tips to make sure you're keeping your skin healthy? We'd love to hear them.