Here's all the fabulous things we've been loving this August...


When we launched the Secret Linen Store we always dreamed of making our beds with 100% Linen bedding. We knew that we wanted it to be nothing but perfect, so it's taken us some time to get it just right. But this month a big truck arrived with boxes and boxes of the softest linen ever (we promise!).

It's selling like hotcakes and we couldn't be happier. We've started with just three colours but we're certain they'll be more to come soon. What colours do you think deserve to be made into our beautiful soft 100% linen?




We've been big fans of Humans of New York for years now and when we heard about the series we knew it would be great.

If you've not yet discovered HONY, it documents the everyday lives of people in New York. What started as a photography journal grew and grew.

The series documents stories with a new theme each week. So far we've had Time & Star and we can't wait for the rest. Watch the series on Facebook here.


This month our favourite follow has to be I Have This Things With Floors. It all started as a hashtag and this account perfectly displays everybodys "selfeets" in one place. We do love a beautifully tiled floor.



We love something that makes our breakfast taste even better... and Oatly has done that!

We like it poured over our cereal, in our coffee, in our tea and sometimes with a spoon or two of hot chocolate! It taste really really nice and is better for our planet.

We love nothing more than a really nice brand too, and theirs is just great! They care about their customers, what they make and this made us smile a lot...


Molly's been discovering the joys of camping this summer...

"For the first time , since I was about 10 years old, we packed up the car and went off for 2 weeks under canvas (well, nylon actually).

We picked Ile de Re, which is a tiny island on the west coast of France for our first camping adventure. Holidays are a real treat for us as we're always so busy rushing from A to B, so down time is precious. I was worried that this experience wouldn’t feel like a proper break, that I might regret it and wish for walls and a kettle. But no, I loved it.

The island is a cycling heaven. We arrived, hired bikes, got sand on our feet (and didn’t wash it off for a whole week) and explored the most perfectly French place that you can imagine. Oodles of bike trails through pine trees and fields of vines take you at a leisurely pace around the island. You can see it all and won't have to get inside the car, not even once. The beaches are white and sandy, the ports are pretty and bustling. It’s a delight and a very slow and laid back place to spend a week. The camping was just a place to sleep, I took my Goose Down duvet and Goose Down pillows so was completely at home once zipped in!"




As the weather gets cooler and the mornings get darker we're in need of a little warm pick me up in the morning. We're re-discovering how soothing a hot bowl of porridge can be on a cold Tuesday morning.

Here's a few of our favourite takes on a breakfast classic to give it a delicious twist...

  1. Peanut Butter & Jam - mix in a healthy spoonful of peanut butter and top with a big blob of jam.
  2. Double Chocolate - add a big spoonful of Nutella to your cooked oats and sprinkle with chocolate flakes.
  3. Caramel Apple - Mix in some caramel sauce to your porridge oats and top with chopped apple (and another drizzle of caramel for good measure!).


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