April has been great, hasn't it?

It's been a busy one with Easter holidays, lots of family time, chocolate (lots of it), some lovely weather, our new Donna Wilson collection launching and we've made more beds than ever before in April.

Here's a handful of our favourite things... grab a cuppa, it's a long one.


Molly's been watching Amazing Hotels; Life Beyond the Lobby.

"I like travelling... exploring new places, meeting new people and staying in hotels. This new BBC2 show is great, with Monica Galetti and Giles Coren. This week's hotel, Fogo Island Inn episode was my favourite so far... a community full of wonderful people just having lots of fun. A pricey place to stay and two full days of travelling to get there, so not sure I'll be making the trip anytime soon, but that's the beauty of watching shows like this, you get an insight into a place you might never get to go to."


Harriet's new Instagram favourite Style Me Sunday

"I stumbled upon Natalie on Instagram, and was instantly drawn to her great taste in fashion. I quickly realised there's a lot more to Natalie than just a good dress sense... now I look forward to seeing her posts in my feed. She’s an advocate for positive body image, and proves that if you’ve got curves (which I certainly have) you can still look amazing.

She’s just launched her Warrior Woman project - encouraging women to celebrate their imperfections, and gain confidence in knowing that we ALL have them. She's honest, frank and real... the kind of person I think I’d enjoy going to the pub with. If I’m honest, sometimes I follow people who are seemingly so perfect that they don’t always make me feel good about myself. This doesn’t happen with Style Me Sunday, so keep up the good work Natalie, we need more people like you."



If you're feeling like there's not much good going on in the world at the moment (if you read the news, you're bound to). We have an antidote.

Positive News is a news website and magazine that shares all the wonderful stories from around the world. A website we have bookmarked for days when the skies are grey and we need a little spring in our step.


Molly's top played this month...

"I am so very excited about the Bananarama comeback (I'm sure Jodie & Sally won't know who this trio are!). I grew up dancing around my bedroom to these ladies in yellow leggings (Harriet was there to prove it!). I can't believe how great they still look, like no time has passed at all..."

Perhaps it's time Molly got her yellow leggings back out?


Sally stumbled upon The Lucky Dip Club. A subscription club that's creative, colourful and just a little bit silly - something we're all on board with.

They have three wonderful boxes. Choose from their silly socks club (a pair of fabulously fun socks every month through the letterbox), their annual craft box, or our favourite the "My Rainbow Life" box. You'll get a box a quarter with one great gift inside, designed by a different creative every single time. It's like getting a little present a few times a year, and you won't know what it is until you open it up. Brilliant.



A month full of holidays for Harriet & Molly this month...

Molly tootled off to sunny Wales...

"I went to Wales on my holidays... and I loved it! We stayed in Pembrokeshire and I can't recommend it enough. We cycled, ate lots and strolled along the most amazing untouched coastline. My favourite gems I discovered were Barafundle Bay beach, Skomer National Park and Whitesands Bay, which according to my Mabel was her "favourite beach ever". The sun shone all week long and duvet covers were a distant memory (for just a few days).


Whilst Harriet went for a few days away in Antwerp...

"I spent the Easter weekend in Antwerp, visiting my husband’s family. When we first got together, he was living over there (it’s a long story), and I quickly jacked in my job and moved there too. We spent 8 months living there together... if you haven’t been, you really should. Full of amazing architecture, great shops and good food (including the infamous waffles and chocolates of course). This trip was my first time back since having children, so we took them to all our old haunts, and showed them where we used to live. They weren’t that impressed (much to our disgust) and were more interested in the next food pit stop, but a trip down memory lane with our little people was lovely for us. We'd forgotten, or maybe not appreciated, just how cool the city was, when we lived there.

If you’re visiting, you must check out the train station, Antwerp Central station. It’s one of the world's most impressive stations. Drink plenty of Belgian beer on the many terraces around the city centre, and visit the South (that’s where we lived). Lots of lovely restaurants, and the Royal Museum of Fine Arts, which is beautiful inside and out. Take a wander down Kloosterstraat, full of antique shops and quirky eateries... can I go back already?"

What have you been discovering this month? We'd love to know...

Team Secret Linen