We think sheets are super. Not only can they make your bed feel soft like butter, but there's all sorts of other things you can use them for too.

Whether it's using an old flat sheet, a lovely new sheet, a duvet cover or maybe even a pillowcase, these are our seven favourite alternative ways to use your sheets...

Table Cloths

We never really thought about this one, until our sister's wedding was approaching and the riveting subject of tablecloths came up. She was looking for something simple, white and good quality and we can't think of a better way to describe our White Cotton Percale flat sheets!

They were the perfect size for the tables, topped with beautiful gold table runners, wild flowers and many, many bottles of wine.



We've had a handful of customers get in touch over the years to say how they love their bed linen so much, that they've bought another set and turned it into curtains! We've had customers send fabric away to have the professionals add pleats and even had some of our sheets lined and turned into blinds.

Harriet thought this was such a brilliant idea, she decided to hang a pair of Secret Linen Store Flat Sheets in her kitchen windows!

Door Stop

If you're looking for something practical to create with your old bed sheets and pillowcases, how about a doorstop?

We've made our own... twice!

Instructions for a simple, square door stop (modelled so well by Chutney the cat) here.

Instructions for a scented owl shaped door stop here.



We'd been looking for something amazing to do with our old pillowcases since the day we started our bedtime business, then one day we stumbled upon the charity Little Dresses for Africa.

We've since been encouraging our customers to turn their old and unloved pillowcases (a sheet would work too!) into beautiful little dresses. We've got all the details for how you can turn your old pillowcases or sheets into a dress here, and a little more about our charity pillowcase project here.


A Den

It's a classic. Is there anything better than being a kid, and spending a wet and windy Saturday afternoon making a den?

Why not relive your childhood, gather up your kids, grandchildren, nieces or nephews and spend a whole day making your very own den. Although we quite like the idea of making ourselves our very own den. It would be full of lovely soft cushions, delicious snacks, a great book and plenty of peace and quiet... bliss.


It turns out our cotton sheets make the perfect hammock too. Molly whipped up this one up from a great big flat sheet.

A sheet is all you need, with something sturdy to tie each end to, et voila... you're ready for a day of lounging.


Gift Wrapping

One year, Molly used fabric to wrap all her Christmas presents. They looked amazing under the tree, and fabric is something Molly has always had an abundance of. They look beautifully inviting, and will make a gift feel even more special. If you're thinking of binning a sheet, pop it to one side ready for when you have an extra special gift to give. It's also far more maliable than stiff paper, and if you're clever, you don't need any sellotape either.

Cut your fabric into the right size and get creative. You could use string to hold it, or tie it into bows.

Have you ever been creative with your old bed sheets?

Why not spend the next drizzly weekend giving one of these ideas a go... and be sure to tell us all about it!

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