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We've travelled far and wide, and tested a lot of feathers to put together a range of five natural filled duvets and pillows for great sleep. We have two Feather and Down ranges, and three Down options to choose from. Find out everything you need to know about our natural duvets and pillows right here.


The Difference Between Feather And Down

Feathers come from the outer covering of the bird. 90% of the brid is covered in feathers. They are larger, have quills, and are heavier. Goose feathers are naturally smaller and softer than Duck feathers, but still have quills. They have a more defined curl, for a loftier result, and therefore feel more luxurious. if you like your duvet to have some weight to it, then go for Feather & Down. The down content (Usually 15%) keeps the duvet soft, whilst the feathers give you that crunch, that some prefer.

The Down feathers are the super soft clusters, found underneath the feathers. Without any quills, they are made up of lots of tiny soft filaments that help to trap air, keeping warm air in, and cold air out. They are loftier than feathers, providing higher insulating properties. The ultimate in comfort, pure down, produces a lighter softer duvet, whilst helping to regulate your temperature. The higher the Down content, the lighter and softer the duvet. If you want the very best, our 100% Siberian Goose Down Duvet is the one for you.

The larger the down cluster, the higher the quality. This is measured using fill power, which simply put, is the voulme in cubic inches, that one ounce of down will fill when it's allowed to loft up to it's full potential. The higher the fill power, the softer, and more luxurious the duvet or pillow will feel. Anything over 600 fill power is considered to be of a premium quality. Down will keep it's loft for a very long time, and only needs a good shake now and then.


Feather fillings


Duck Or Goose?

Ducks are consumed at a younger age than Geese, so the feather and down isn't as mature. Duck feather and down will always be smaller than Goose, as the birds are smaller themselves. Geese live longer, so the feather and down is more mature, and the oldest birds will produce the highest quality fillings. You can get a really good quality of down from ducks, however Goose down is known to be the superior of the two, for it's bigger loftier clusters.


Feather Filled Bedding Welfare


Welfare And Hygiene

All of our fillings are ethically sourced in Europe, and fully traceable. Our Feather & Down fillings are a by-product of the food industry, and collected and processed to strict European standards in terms of cleanliness and animal welfare.

Our natural products are Downafresh certified, so we can all sleep soundly, knowing that our bedding is ethically sourced and perfectly sanitised to the highest standards within the bedding industry, exceeding the European standard significantly.

The down and feathers are washed using a multi-step process with specialist detergents and pure water and dried using steam at over 130 degrees, ensuring elements are perfectly sanitised. We also complete a full de-dusting process and our fills are certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100 compliant. It sounds like a lot to take on board, but basically, they are the highest quality they can possibly be. We’ve done the work, so you don’t have to worry.

All our Natural bedding has the NOMITE classification, from the European Down and Feather Association EDFA. The fabric is tested and must comply with industry standards. To earn the right to use the Nomite declaration, the shell must be so tightly woven that house dust mites are unable to penetrate the surface. Nomite certified products are especially suitable for house dust mite allergy sufferers.


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