Top 7 Christmas Games


Christmas games were a big part of our Freshwater Family Christmases. My fondest memories of Christmas as a child are the house being full of our cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles; Us kids tearing round the house at a million miles an hour, stuffing our faces with chocolate coins, and a very noisy Christmas lunch time with all 16 of us! Molly and I with our 2 other sisters, and our 3 cousins (also girls) makes for a lot of sonic level communication.

We weren't allowed to watch the television on Christmas Day, instead we spent many hours playing Christmas games. Watching the grown-ups get the giggles, after a few glasses of wine, and the sheer competitive nature of many siblings, made for great entertainment. I've collated my top 7 Christmas games to give you some inspiration. Be prepared for laughter, and a lot of shouting, but I guarantee, you'll have an awesome time.

The Chocolate Game

Grab a pile of coats, gloves, hats, scarves, as much outerwear as you can and pile it in the middle of the room. You'll need a big bar of chocolate on a tray, a knife and fork, and a dice. Sit everyone round in a circle, and take it in turns to roll the dice. The first person to roll a six, shouts "SIX!" and can then proceeds to put ALL the items of clothing on, and start eating the chocolate with the knife and fork only. While they are doing that, the rest of the group continue to roll the dice. If someone else throws a six, they shout "SIX!", and the person in the middle must stop eating the chocolate, take all the clothes off, and let the other player have them. It's high energy and raucous, and we loved it.

The Vegetable Game

Sit everyone in a circle. Each person thinks of a vegetable, and you go around the circle while everyone tells the rest of the group which veggie they have chosen to be. Try to remember as many as possible. Someone volunteers to start, and they stand in the middle. They must say the vegetable name of another member of the group 3 times in a row (e.g Potato, Potato, Potato). If you hear your veggie name being called, you must retort with your own vegetable name once before they have managed to say it 3 times. If you're not quick enough, it's your turn to go in the middle. There isn't really any point to it, it's just fun watching your relatives trying to catch you out.


Ask anyone which Christmas game is the most played, and I reckon they'd tell you Charades. As a family of theatricals, this was always a winner. Make it more fun by splitting into 2 teams. Each team makes a list of books, films or TV programmes for their opponents, and dishes them out one by one. Watch your family members struggle as they try to act out "Bonfire of the Vanities"!(Mwahaha).

The Cereal Box Game

Perhaps not one for your granny, but this is a lot of fun for the kids. Grab a cereal box, and place it on the floor. Each person playing takes it in turns to bend down and pick the box up with their teeth, while their hands are firmly behind their back. Once everyone has had a go, cut about an inch and a half off the top of the box, and go again. If you can't complete the round, then you're out. See how bendy you really are.

The Memory Game

Take an assortment of household objects, usually around 10 to 20, depending on how hard you want to make it. Put the tray in front of all the players and give them a few minutes to try and memorise the items on the tray. You can't write anything down at this stage. Cover up the items, and then give everyone a pen and paper. Each person must write down from memory, as many of the things from the tray that they can remember. Not the easiest thing to do after a few eggnog's.

The Walnut Game

It's basically musical chairs, but with walnuts. You need a volunteer to oversee the music. You'll need a pile of walnuts, one for everyone who is playing, and then take one away. Sit in a circle and place the walnuts on the floor in the middle. Play the music, and when the music stops, everyone must get themselves a walnut. The one who doesn't get one is out. Take a Walnut away at each round until you have a winner. This game comes with a warning... it can get violent.


A great game to play at the dinner table while you're waiting for your turkey to go down, and before you demolish the Christmas pudding. Everyone writes down the name of a famous person on a small piece of paper, and sticks it to the forehead of the person to their left, so they can't see it. You then take it in turns to ask the group questions, to try and find out who you are. You can only ask yes or no answer questions, and if you get a "yes" you can keep asking until you get a "no". The aim is to guess who you are the quickest. Watch out for cheats, looking for reflections in their cutlery or other people’s glasses!

Well, that was a lovely trip down memory lane. I wish I could go back and do it all again.

Have a wonderful, laughter filled Christmas.

Merry Christmas


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