The Best Easter Eggs Of 2017


With Easter just around the corner, we thought we should get a move on and start choosing the chocolate treats we want ready for Sunday morning. We think we've made some eggcelent  choices here, now we just need to do some taste testing...

Unique Easter Eggs

Why not stray away from the classic 'egg' shape this year. We think this collection of chocolate animals from Betty's is the sweetest thing we've seen. The Saddleback pig and the great big badger are top of our list.


Solid Chocolate Egg

We don't know how we didn't come up with this idea. A delicious chocolate egg, made from solid chocolate. The Solid Chocolate Co have been run off their feet, so there's no more left for this Easter, but they're already taking pre-orders for next year and our names are already on the list.

Pretty Easter Eggs

These are the eggs that are almost too pretty to eat.

We discovered Cocoapod chocolate on Not on the high street, they create egg shaped chocolate slabs, decorated with Easter themed prints (the feather is our favourite).

If you're looking for an egg that's really pretty and a little bit special, you have to go to Betty's. Their chocolate is a little more pricey, but all their Spring designs are hand finished to perfection... see their beautiful Spring Flower designs below, definitely too good to eat.



Eco Easter Eggs

Montezuma's chocolates are made just a short drive from our office... we've been lucky enough to visit them a couple of times and their chocolate is some of the best we've tried. This Easter we're going to be picking up a couple of their Eco Eggs. Available in dark chocolate or milk chocolate and butterscotch. The packaging is eco-friendly, with not a spot of plastic in sight.

Montezumas Eco Easter Egg

Healthy Easter Eggs

We know... chocolate isn't healthy, but we've found two "healthier" options for Easter. The darker the chocolate the better. Dark chocolate has positive health benefits for both your digestion and it's full of anti-oxidants. Melt Chocolates have two delicious dark chocolate choices. Their Avocado Egg ticks all the boxes when it comes to filling you up with super foods... filled with fabulous dark chocolate mini eggs topped with bee pollen, almond nibs, cacao nibs, goji berries and quinoa.


Alternative Easter Eggs

Why not try an egg made entirely of cheese? The Cheester Egg is the latest alternative egg for Easter and we want one (or two, or three?).

If cheese isn't for you then perhaps a Liquorice egg? A great big egg filled with small liquorice spheres for when you've already overindulged on chocolate.

We hope you've been a little inspired by our eggceptional list of Easter Eggs... do you have a favourite egg you treat yourself to every year?

Have a lovely Easter weekend, enjoy a creme egg and a cup of tea for us and have lots of lovely long Bank Holiday lie-ins.

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