Our top seven picnic recipes

Okay, so right now it’s not particularly sunny outside but the summer season is only just over. Any day now the weather could brighten up so much you get an overwhelming urge (as most Brit’s do when we see a hint of sunshine) to grab a blanket, pop to the park and eat on the floor, if so then use our favourite summer picnic recipes.

A stuffed picnic loaf

A picnic isn’t really a picnic if you don’t have sandwiches, am I right? But how interesting is a sandwich really? and a recipe for a sandwich doesn’t really exist. So how about ditching your classic sarnie for a stuffed picnic loaf, as simple as a sandwich, but much more impressive.

Get yourself a nice round crusty loaf and hollow out the night before, giving it a little brush over with some olive oil. Layer in your chosen fillings, seasoning and sprinkling a little olive oil as you go. Once your layers are nicely packed in, pop the lid back on. Wrap it up tight with cling film and pop in the fridge. Serve in slices (like cake) and enjoy.

Personal favourite fillings:

Salami, cheddar, ham and rocket OR chicken, pesto, mozzarella and lots of basil.

Secret Linen Store. Our top seven picnic recipes. Stuffed picnic loaf.

Pimm’s, Pimm’s & more Pimm’s please

I know it’s not so much a recipe, but what’s a post about British picnics if you don’t include Pimm’s somewhere? In case you don’t know:

  • Fill a jug with lots of ice. A few thin slices of cucumber, strawberries, orange and a sprig of mint.
  • 1/3 Pimm’s
  • 2/4 Lemonade.

Give it a good stir and you’re done. If you fancy a little change to classic Pimm’s I very recently discovered strawberry Pimm’s and it has been a game changer for my summer evenings. If you fancy mixing things up, try The Telegraph’s alternatives to the classic Pimm’s. Our personal favourite, and a Freshwater family tradition, adding some presecco. The sun is shining, you might as well celebrate!

A super healthy super food salad

Although a picnic is the perfect opportunity to over indulge, it’s always good to balance things out, and what better way to do that than with a delicious salad. Molly is a big fan of Ottolenghi who mixes Middle Eastern flavours with a Western twist, his salads look beautiful, and taste even better. There is an abundance of salad recipes on his website, and if you’re ever in the area, a trip to his restaurant is a must!

Secret Linen Store. Our top seven picnic recipes. A superfood salad

A classic… Scotch Eggs

Not everyone’s cup of tea, but I love a Scotch Egg and they are the perfect finger food, making them an instant winner at any picnic. Fortnum and Mason invented the Scotch Egg so I learnt recently... they include them in all of their picnic hampers and if you’re lucky enough to go and grab one, do it, I mean just look at that yolk. If you don’t want to blow your budget on a picnic hamper, you can always rely on Jamie Oliver to help you… and they will cost the same to make as they will to pick up from the supermarket deli.

A perfect picnic pudding

In an ideal world my picnic pudding would be Eton mess (in fact that would be my dessert choice in any situation!). However for picnics I’m not sure it would work and would be far too appealing to the local wasps, who we don’t want to invite. What’s the next best thing you ask? Chocolate brownies of course! No bowl or leftover mess. Delicious and a complete crowd pleaser and if you follow this recipe you will not be disappointed!

Secret Linen Store. Out top seven picnic recipes. Chocolate brownies.


I think there must literally  be a quiche to suit all tastes. Whether you go for a traditional egg and cheese or use a bit of filo pastry, the quiche (if made right) is ideal for picnics, as it won’t fall apart in transit. Now we love the bake off and we especially loved the season with the infamous Ruby Tandoh, so pop over to the Guardian and check out her favourite summer picnic quiche recipes.

Posh Sausage Roll

This picture came up on our Twitter feed the other day, and I instantly had tummy grumbles. I headed home and that weekend tried to make it… it might not have looked as good as this but boy did it taste good! A perfect alternative to your usual bite size sausage rolls and bound to impress as it looks so much harder than it is! Get the recipe here and get cooking.

Secret Linen Store. Our top picnic recipes. Posh sausage roll

If you have the perfect picnic recipe we need to know about for the next big heatwave, let us know it in the comments below. Get cooking and get outside!

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