Our seven bucket list holidays

We recently heard that 30% of all our holidays for the year will be booked by Valentines day. As soon as Christmas is out the way it seems we all turn our attention to booking our next break, getting away from home and having something to look forward to, to get us through these gloomy winter months. So far, as a team, we’ve managed to book a weekend trip to the Cotswolds, a family visit to Canada and Harriet is taking her first foreign holiday since she started selling bed linen two years ago, to bask in the Spanish sunshine.

But… what if money, time and our own fears weren’t standing in our way? This is where we’d be going.

Ice Hotel, Sweden

This is not just a hotel, it's an art exhibition. Every wall, floor, ceiling, lamp, bed and sofa is made from ice. Each room is hand carved and created by a different artist. If you ever get the chance to visit remember to take your camera, as once spring arrives the hotel melts down to nothing and begins a new life, with a new look in November.


Swimming with pigs, Bahamas

Yep, that's right. There's an island where you can swim with little pigs. There's still no real explanation of how the pigs came to inhabit the island but something this cute doesn't need an explanation. If you're still not convinced just watch this.

Bucket list holiday destinations. Secret Linen Store.

Canadian Rockies

You can go for a trek, go moose spotting, go white water rafting, bathe in hot springs, camp, horse ride, stay in a castle, swim in a waterfall and even try the local delicacy of rattlesnake fondue. If there's still nothing in that list that takes your fancy... just look at that view - it's worth the visit alone.

Bucket list holiday destination. Secret Linen Store

Trek the Himalayas, Nepal

We're not suggesting we want to trek the whole Himalayas (it's 10 times the size of France!!) but the trips is now far more accessible than ever… especially for those of us who aren’t avid hikers. You can immerse yourself in the culture, absorb the scenery and if you're lucky you might even bump into a Yeti.

Bucket list holiday destinations. Secret Linen Store.

Deep South Road Trip, USA

A trip to the seven states of the Deep South guarantees you big cities, small towns, great music and fantastic food. It's a chance to meet people completely different to you, eat pancakes in diners, eat BBQ ribs until you go up a jean size and to listen to blues music until the early hours. Sounds like an adventure we want to take.

Top bucket list holiday destinations. Secret Linen Store

Tianzi Mountains, China

There's so much to see in China but if we had the chance... this is where we'd go. During the rainy season the mountains are flooded with mist, creating a magical forest with a vast, never-ending landscape of floating mountains.

Bucket list holiday destinations, Secret Linen Store.

Treehouse Lodge, Amazon, Peru

Swing from tree to tree in this jungle paradise. Each bungalow is connected by a web of rope bridges. This isn't like your normal camping trips... only the best, luxury linen, showers and you might even be lucky enough to get a wakeup call from a furry friend swinging from tree to tree.

Bucket list holiday destinations. Secret Linen Store

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