How to upcycle a pillowcase

pillowcase upcycling


I have just lost half an hour on Pinterest (Don't tell Molly) looking at all sorts of amazing things you can do with a pillowcase. When we launched SLS almost 18 months ago now, I had this bee in my bonnet about creating a pattern for a pillowcase dress. Running a business got in the way and I haven't got around to it, but I didn't want to wait any longer and have discovered that lots of very clever people have already worked out many ingenious ways to upcycle a pillowcase!

So, instead, I've curated a Pinterest board with a whole heap of inspiration to grab some old (or new) pillowcases, fire up the sewing machine and do something crafty with your Bank Holiday Weekend. I particularly love the above left vest dress. It would look lovely on my 4 year old daughter.



Click here to browse our Pinterest pillowcase craft ideas.

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If you need pillowcases, we have plenty...

Happy Easter


Images from Pinterest.

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