Getting creative with glass jars

killner jar ideas

It's that time of year where I start thinking about all the yummy stews and autumnal comfort food i'm going to make, so i've been stocking up my jars at home with pulses and grains. That got me thinking about my beloved Kilner jars. I love to keep my cooking essentials in jars at home, and display them on my kitchen window sill. They look so good, and the colours and patterns seem to make the kitchen feel even more homely. These thoughts led me to what else you can do with glass jars, and before I knew it, i'd lost half an hour on pinterest looking at different things you can do them.

There are so many great ideas, so i've made a pinterest board to share the best ones with you. There's lots of ideas for the super creative, and the not so much. Click here to see what you think. There's even some Christmas gift ideas if you're super organised and already thinking about that in October. I got some lovely sweet chilli jam from my sister last year, presented beautifully in a glass jar. Homemade presents are just lovely in my book.

Kilner jars

I prefer to use Kilner jars at home, and these are my favourites. I especially love the handle jars for cocktails and i'm thinking they might work for mulled wine too. Mmmm lovely.


Top image from Pinterest

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