What ever happened to printing photos

Secret Linen Store. What ever happened to printing photos. Cheerz.

We love taking photographs, as lots of people do. We’re forever planning our next photo shoot to show you our new collection, making sure we get the perfect shot. We’re always snapping away over the weekend, capturing special moments at family events and who can resist a quick photo of a beautiful sunset.

We all take photos for different reasons. Photos help us remember special days and special people. We take photos that are personal, and others that we can’t wait to upload and share with the world. We are taking more photos than ever, with so many of us choosing to use our phones to do so. Our cameras are so easy to access, that these photos start to get lost into a blur on our camera rolls, organised into endless folders on our computer or become old news right at the bottom of our news feeds. It’s a little bit sad, isn’t it?

There used to be such excitement taking your disposable camera or film to be developed. We’d show them off to everyone who would take the time to show an interest and proudly display them in frames around our homes. We want some of these again, we want to be excited about our photos again.

Secret Linen Store. What ever happened to printing photos. Cheerz.

Luckily, we’re not alone in our longing for some ‘proper’ photos.

We recently discovered Cheerz and knew straight away that we’d be great friends. They print your photos for you and it couldn’t be easier to do. Take them from your phone, Instagram or Facebook and deliver them straight through your door. We’re especially keen on the Polaroid style prints. They’d make a great gift for Christmas (or a great gift for yourself). Put them up on the walls, display on your bedside or stick them to the fridge door.

If you order some snaps before 17th of December, you’ll get them in time for Christmas and be able to get an extra little 20% off with the secret code SECRETLINEN

Happy Snapping!

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