The perfect Valentines Sunday

Have the perfect sunday valentiens. Crumpets in bed. Secret Linen store

We’re excited for Valentine’s Day this year… and not because we’re going to be showered with gifts (we’d be so lucky) but because this year… it falls on a Sunday!

We love Sundays, who doesn’t?

Seeing as this Sunday is Valentines, that makes it slightly more special. So we're going to share our secrets to having the best Valentines Sunday with the one you love (whether that's your husband, wife, children, best pal or even the dog).

Wake up late

Alarms don't exist on Sundays. Sleep in until you naturally wake up... then roll back over and sleep a little more.


If we had things our way breakfast would be eaten in bed every day of the week. But on a Sunday, it's essential. Treat yourself to an extra special breakfast... pancakes, pastries, baked eggs. If you're a little stuck for ideas, or want to treat someone special this Sunday go steal some of our favourites from Pinterest. Whatever you choose... it must be consumed from between the sheets.


Even if you had a big breakfast, brunch was made for Sundays. It would be rude to not indulge in both. Add a glass of fizz on the side to achieve maximum Sunday happiness.

Walk it off

Feeling a little full after all that grub? Whether you're in the city or out in the sticks, head off for a stroll. Walk with no place to be and you never know what you might come across.


This is the most important part of the day. The part where you do absoloutley nothing. Saturdays are for getting things done, Sundays are for doing nothing at all. Watch an old film, a great documentry, dive into your favourite book. Sip on cups of tea and treat yourself to the fancy choccie biccies. If you end up having a little snooze on the sofa, all the better.


It's time to slip into the tub. As it's Valentines day treat yourself to all the bath salts and bubbles, the lotions and potions that you've been saving for a special occasions. Line your bath with scented candles for optimum pleasure.

Wine and Dine

If you love to cook, then cook up a storm in the kitchen. If you don't cook (or deserve a day off) then order in a delicious takeaway. You can even get all dressed up and head out and have someone else cook for you.


We can't think of anything better than slipping into fresh sheets... Sundays are made for clean sheets ready for a busy week. Slip into your favourite PJs (or not... it is Valentines after all) and switch off.

Happy Sunday and Happy Valentines.

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Tell us what you want to wake up to this Valentines morning?

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A perfect valentines sunday. Secret Linen Store.

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