Are sweets the new going out?

marsh 1

Being a designer, a lover of fashion and interiors, I know that trends come and go. I had not really thought about fashions changing in food. Watching Dragons Den last night made me think .. apparently sweets are going to be the next big thing. Did you see it? Between the suits and the crazy ideas was Harriot from London.

Harriot has created a brand of marsh mallows, aptly named Mallow and Marsh. Harriot was brilliant, confident and passionate .. and her marsh mallows look delicious! She also started the business in November 2014, just like us.

Harriot is jumping on the sweet wagon, and filling a gap in this market with lovely flavours, toasted bits and innovation. A lovely brand and big smile.

So this news, along with the new tv show on the BBC, sweets made simple, means that I have a new interest. I'm going to try making as well as eating.

We really wish Harriot luck and think you should all try some Mallow and Marsh.

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