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Decorating the tree has to be one of the best times of the festive season. Whether you go opt for a real tree or an artificial tree, getting out the tinsel, lights and baubles gives your home its festive spirit. We got talking in the office about our tree traditions (turns out we're all very different when it comes to our tree decor).

We ran our #sharinglittlesecrets competition on Facebook to find out what your best baubles were... we've shared ours below, as well as some of yours that made us smile.


It’s cliché I know but my best baubles are the ones that my kids have made over the years. They’re usually made of yoghurts pots, and way too much glitter, but every year when we decorate the tree, I love to see their faces when they rediscover the things they made. This year, my youngest was amazed that she had made some decorations, with a tiny little name label on, to say they were hers. She couldn’t remember having made them (she was probably only 3). She was very pleased with herself, and enjoyed making her decorations pride of place on the tree.

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Each year, 3 of my girlfriends and I but each other a bauble, we buy 4 and give away 3. We have been doing this for around 15 years so we all have trees that look the same. It’s one of my most favourite Christmas traditions because you always have 3 new baubles, and they are always really different. This year after searching for the ultimate bauble gift (it’s a challenge indeed to find something unique) I decided to have them made by the lovely Emma at one we made earlier.

I’m a big fan of her necklaces, and the decorations that she made for me are no disappointment! Not sure how I can top this next year!

Our favourite baubles, Molly Freshwater


This is my very first Christmas in a house of my own, not my parents house, or a student house, but my own space. So it's been a very exciting build up to Christmas, getting our first tree and filling the house with fairy lights and bits and bobs to make it feel festive. At the beginning of December I went on an amazing holiday to New York where my boyfriend and I bought our first ever bauble together, a bright yellow cab covered in glitter, it's taken top spot as my favourite on the whole tree.


It was really hard to pick my favourite Bauble, but this is the one that I can’t wait to get out of my Christmas box every year! It’s a giant glass bauble with a silver glittery spiral, it looks amazing when the fairy lights catch the glitter. This was the first set of baubles that my boyfriend and I bought for our first Christmas in our house, so that makes them extra special!

Some of our favourite entries from Facebook...

Lucy C - We bought some lovely glass baubles from Lauscha (where glass baubles originated) a couple of years ago and they always have pride of place on the tree. This year I'm looking out for a really nice 'First Christmas' decoration as our little one was born last week (best early Christmas present ever!). 

Sarah G -  It's got to be my 1989 McDonalds bauble that I got with a happy meal all them years ago.

Linda H - My best ever bauble is blue glass with a silver trellis pattern bought 47 years ago from Woolworths for my sons first Christmas tree!

Jo R - A 3 legged reindeer, we gave it top of the tree as we felt sorry for it and it always makes us smile, it's been hung up every year for 30 years. 

Terri S - My favourite tree Dec is a reindeer I made my parents when I was 3 (I'm now 32!) it's made of 2 old fashioned wooden pegs with felt nose and ears and it hangs on my mums tree every year!

Vivienne S - My best bauble is a small glass bell with a wooden teddy in it. My boyfriend gave it to me when I had my first real Christmas tree as a new student nurse in the nurses home 33 years ago. I still have the bauble, I am still nursing and he is now my husband of 30 years.

Ellie S - My favourite bauble isn't the prettiest or the funniest or even the quirkiest one in the decoration box. It's the one with the most sentiment because my husband gave it to me on our first Christmas together.

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