#SharingLittleSecrets Christmas traditions

#SharingLittleSecrets. Christmas Traditions

Earlier in December our little team of four got talking about our Christmas days. The order of the day, what we eat, when we eat, how we give gifts and the games we play... it turns out we're all actually doing it quite differently. It got us thinking about our Christmas traditions. They're unique to our family and loved by our family, but does anybody else do the same?

So, we asked you lovely lot in our #sharinglittlesecrets competition on Facebook (you have until midnight Christmas eve to enter!) what you're family do every year. Thanks so much to everyone for sharing a little piece of their Christmas with us! Here's just a snippet of some of our favourites...

"Making cookies for Santa with my little girl and leaving a present at the end of ger bed to give her something to go instead of waking us up." (Emma)


"We have a 'snowball' while opening our pressies!!! When else is it normal to drink alcohol for breakfast!" (Donna)


"We have a human Christmas tree comp every year." (Amy Jane... head to Facebook to see brilliant photo evidence!)


"We always go to my hubby's grandmothers house on Christmas Eve and have a large family party! I love it... GrannyBob is 84 years young and still does all the food herself!" (Alicia)


"With four daughters Christmas used to be magical, now they have all left home and moved to jobs a long way away Christmas is the only time we all get together. There is nothing more magical than watching them make their way home one by one and on Christmas eve we celebrate being together again in their childhood home as a family. Anything else is just trimmings, I have my girls back under my roof and all is well with the world." (Lindy)


"I made my sons stockings for their first Christmas and every year they pick something new like a star or a button to be sewn on to it." (Lucy)


"Our established tradition is for my 3 grown up children to hang up their childhood decorated Xmas stockings, and no matter where we spend Christmas... somehow they do get filled!" (Frances)


"We go to see the Christmas tree at Trafalgar square every year."(Linda)


"Ours is playing cards which we've done at around 5pm every year for as long as I can remember while we drink Irish coffees... we used to eat Tunis Cake as well when you could get it." (Louise)


"Ours is building a den on Xmas eve, full of cushions and fairy lights and magic. All the kids sleep in there, waiting for Santa." (Mel)


"We get 'After Christmas Presents' to soften the no-more-presents come down!" (Laura)


"Growing up all of us would sleep in same room xmas Eve and wake up early and open stockings before waking mum n dad up for the big presents downstairs." (Zoe)


"Putting magic reindeer food on the shed roof with my great nieces and nephews on Christmas eve." (Sharon)


"As a child we always had an angel on top of the tree her eyes were closed and every Christmas Eve my dad would say they opened at midnight for a second when Father Christmas was arriving at our house... No matter how hard I tried I never managed to stay awake and check so I guess I'll never know if she did." (Jo)


"We have a shot on the hour every hour, stand up and shout 'God save the Queen' three's hilarious!" (Susan)

Go a super tradition of your own? Share it with us on Facebook before midnight tomorrow (Christmas Eve!) and you could win £150 to spend on some super new bedding!

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