The Secret Linen Tale...

Botanic Duck Egg Bed Linen


Molly and Hatty had a good idea...
They discussed it and played with it until they were clear...
Beautiful bed linen at half the price.
Helping to make your bedrooms look nice.

They knew a factory that made beautiful things,
Sheets and duvets to make your heart sing,
Quilts, throws and cushions, and glorious spreads,
All made from the most luxurious threads

They wanted their customers to get a great deal,
To feel that the product was almost a steal,
They picked up the rule book and threw it away,
A new business model was to have its day.

No warehouse, no agents, no packaging and props,
No salesmen and women with their high street shops,
Straight from the factory, direct from the loom,
The postman will deliver right into your room,

They wanted a name that had the brand at its core,
So they called it the Secret Linen Store,
Go to your computer and look at their site,
And we hope that you start sleeping better at night.

Written by Adam Black.

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