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Molly and I were recently hailed by the Telegraph as "female entrepreneurs to watch in 2015". Such a fantastic accolade, we were over the moon. Alongside us in this list was Sally Page, founder of PLOOMS, a beautifully colourful brand of fountain pens. We got talking to Sally and it turns out we had plenty in common. Above all, we are all Mums and sharing the challenges that come with that job. Sally mentioned that when her children were younger, they invented "pillow post". She and her daughters would write secret notes to each other and place them under their pillows. Nothing that was written was allowed to be discussed out loud, and thus finding a happy medium to communicate on those awkward, unspeakable subjects. Brilliant!



I was somewhat of a wayward teenager, my Mum will vouch for that. I preferred to distance myself from my family and when going through some tough times (as all young people do), i'd have rather done a stint in Guantanamo Bay than speak to my Mother about how I was feeling. If we'd had the ingenuity to invent Pillow Post, we probably would have got on a lot better.

Sally has so kindly shared this idea with us, and we love it so much we've all decided to pass it on to you. Whether you have girls or boys, of any age, Pillow Post is the perfect way to keep communicating with your kids, even when it's hard to talk. In this modern age of technology, a hand written note seems to mean so much more, and Sally's pens make even my handwriting look good (yes, Molly tells me I write like a five year old)

What do you think? Something to put into practice?

Happy weekend


See Plooms Pens here in all their glory.

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