A new place, not far from here

The cockLast week I discovered a lovely new place. This country has so many places to discover and explore, it's a wonder so many of us travel overseas. Anywhere that has a nice pub has my attention!

I have to travel lots for my job. During my Career I have spent time in India, Turkey, Vietnam, Portugal..and now Hemmingford Grey. One of the Hemmingtons, settled next to Ely, near Huntington in Cambridgeshire. Hemmingford Grey sits on the river Ouse and is as flat as a pancake. There is a pub called The Cock (award winning in 2013) a lovely sandwich shop and most importantly, and our reason for being there, a beautiful and perfect photographic location house. Working away from home is never something I look forward to, but this place has so many positives its not like work at all.

Anna and her husband moved from London to carefully restore St Francis House, originally a  religious retreat. They are half way through the project, but already have a larger than most location house that is available to hire by the day. Anna is an interior stylist with a great eye. The house even has a world class photographer, Tim Young near by.  The house is vast, but homely, and filled with amazing trinkets, beautiful floors, & grand fireplaces. Anyone who knows the stress of a photo shoot will know how great this all sounds!

st francis1

The lovely living room, some amazing props.

st francis

I'm a sucker for threads in bowls.

st francis 3

The kitchen (I want this kitchen!!) and an example of the one of the stunning fireplaces.

st francis 2

The house is decorated in neutrals and soft pastels. There is a drama and atmosphere in the house that is unique and makes for amazing light and mood that you can use to your advantage with the camera. Annas incense sticks burn around the house ..ohh it smells so nice.

We shot our new collection, we are delighted with the out come and thank you Anna and Tim for all of your help.

We will reveal our new collection, all shot at the house next week...Do you know Hemmingford Grey, let us know your secrets?

All image of the House are taken by Tim.


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