It's National Sisters Day

Freshwater Sisters

Today is National Sisters Day, and I am very lucky to have three of them. Left to right we have Rosie (Number 2), Libby (Number 4) and Molly (Number 1). I am number 3, which is of course the magic number. (Cough cough)

There's 12 years between Molly and Libby, and growing up in our house was pretty mad. Our Dad worked long hours and commuted from Sussex to North London. Our Mum had to keep us in check, deliver us to various schools, drama clubs, dance classes, music lessons, and in later years get off to work herself. Not until I became a Mum myself did I realise just how tough it must of been for her. Now I'd love to say that we were quiet, well behaved children, but I'd be lying. We squabbled, pinched each others stuff, and often complained "I don't like that" when a delicious homemade dinner was put before us. We're all very different personalities, and we clashed a lot. I distinctly remember Rosie telling me she would kill me in my sleep, and pinning me up against the youth club wall as a first year in front of all my friends, and hers who were all fifth formers. (I'm not scarred for life, honest)

We were good kids (90% of the time), horrible teenagers (me in particular, sorry Mum and Dad) and then we grew up. Now they are my best friends. I have different relationships with each of them, and there's certainly a pecking order, however oddly enough, Molly and I have ended up working together, but Rosie and Libby have too. Rosie runs an Internet Marketing Agency in Brighton, and Libby works for her. Who'd have thunk it? We've produced 5 glorious children between three of us and our baby sister Libby is to marry in September. We're all super busy and it's rare that we are all together as a four, probably only twice a year, and when we do get together, it's very noisy!

Freshwatre sisters

So, my darling sisters, thanks for sharing my gene pool and giving me plenty of love and laughter over the years. Happy National Sisters Day Freshwater girls.

Love Hatty x

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