My favourite place, Polruan

Secret Linen Store. My favourite place, Polruan.

I'm reluctant to write this post, I'm not sure if I should share... but Harriet says we need to talk about our favourite things, and Polruan is one of mine.

I always said (before I had my daughter) that the world was too big to visit a place more than once. Holidays are precious, I love adventure, so why go somewhere twice. Here's the reason, as I discovered, you relax. It's a simple as that.

You don't need a map, because you know where everything is. You don't need to get in the car, because you've seen what there is to do locally, and you know the best days are spent wandering around and looking, or just staying still.

We discovered Polruan, on the south coast of Cornwall,  by accident about 6 years ago. We now go there whenever we can. Polruan is next to Fowey, across the water on a foot ferry. The locals say Polruan is the sunny side, Fowey is the money side. Fowey is pretty, tumbling into the sea, 4 story town houses painted in pastel colours. When you're in Polruan, you can see Fowey, and it does look lovely.

Secret Linen Store, My favourite place, Polruan

Secret Linen Store, my favourite place, Polruan

Fowey has shops, cafes, bars, and a perfect beach called Ready Money Cove. Polruan has 1 tea shop , 2 pubs, and a local store that doesn’t like you buying too many things! Meandering between the two sides of the estuary on the foot ferry, provides for all tastes and budgets.

It's hard to find a cottage in Polruan that doesn't have a sea view. Having a good sea view is top of the list when hunting. Polruan juts into the harbour and curls around, you can take in a sea view or a harbour view and if you're lucky enough to get a house near the top you get both!

Being there, rain or shine is perfect. Here are my favourite things to do:

Looking. Sitting on the terrace, deck, rock, beach... just watching the boats and people potter about on the water.

Swimming. Jumping off the cob in a wetsuit at high tide. Or from the steps behind the winkle picker.

Eating. The Lugger on the key has supper sorted, the kids can play on the beach and be seen from the pub, we're all happy.

Secret Linen Store. My favourite place, Polruan

Secret Linen Store, My favourite place, Polruan.

Walking. From Polruan you can take the coast path east to Polperro via Lantic bay or west to Polkerris via gribin head.

Fishing . Dan, a lovely local man, has a simple blue fishing boat and a great sence of humour. A morning or afternoon is well spent with him on his boat, and if supper is caught it's a bonus.

We are all different I know, and many like the guarantee of sunshine, but I am very happy to potter about here, catch a few crabs and ponder, I can't wait to go back soon.


Secret Linen Store, My Favourite place, Polruan.

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