Oh, how I love a good view

The Shard


View from the Shard


My 2 favorite views in the world ( that I have discovered so far ) could not be more different.

The view from The Shard, is my home. London is the best city that I have discovered so far in my 39 years, and I like looking at it. The shard has become something of an obsession, I've been to the top with my 7 year old, and i've sneaked to the oblix restaurant and bar on the 32 floor a few times (its far less expensive than going to the top, but only half way up). It's all shiny and new.... and the view is addictive. I love just looking out, and I'm happy to pay the premium for the coffee, and salt and vinegar squid (almost as good as the view). I love the way this building is accessible, it takes you way over the city and shows off the view from floor to ceiling. I don't want you thinking that this is the sort of place that I normally hang out, but I am captivated by this feeling of being so high up, above the city...

Shard view



My other favourite is the view from Polruan in Cornwall. Now, this is a little bit different.

On a clear day, there is nothing to see, apart from the sea, a tiny bit of land, the sky and the odd boat. It is breathtaking.

Polruan view


The sea stretches out for 45 miles in front of you, hiding another world beneath it.

In the last 4 years, my little family has holidayed in Polruan every year. There are spectacular views around every corner. We have stayed in a few properties along the headland, all facing this incredible sea scape. It's a distraction from everything. I can't even read a magazine, the view is too good to take your eyes away.


Polruan Cornwall


We're having a break from Polruan this's hard, but perhaps there is a better view to find?

Where is your favorite view?

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