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Little Dresses For Africa: Dresses made from pillowcases

A brief introduction

Hello we're Sister's Molly and Harriet. We were brought up to be kind, crafty and never wasteful. Our Mum was very thrifty and a dab hand with a sewing machine. She was always making our clothes when we were little, and still does for our children now. When we started the Secret Linen Store, Harriet had this crazy idea about making little dresses out of our old pillowcases. We loved the idea, but were so busy getting the business going that we didn't have any time to do anything about it... until now.

We came across "Little Dresses for Africa" earlier this year. They're a fabulous gloabl charity, making clothes for vulnerable children in Africa, out of the modest pillowcase. We loved what they were doing, turning something unwanted into something with huge value. It was the perfect fit for us and we knew we had to find a way to share their good work.

Between us, we're a little rusty on the sewing machine these days, so we teamed up with the wonderful Clothkits to make our little dresses. They happened to be local to us, and incidentally a well known name in our family (and many others across the country). Mum was a big fan of their patterns in the 80's, and we wore many of their creations. We spent a fabulous day in their studio in Chichester this summer. The very lovely Anna gave us her time and her hands, and we cut and sewed some of our pillowcases into beautiful dresses. We took some snaps along the way so you can learn how to make one too.

Make a difference with your old pillowcases, learn how to make a little dress

All about Little Dresses for Africa

We'd love to see and share all the little dresses that get made. If you're handy with a sewing machine and going to have a go, make sure to take a photo, and share with us using the hashtag #mylittleslsdress. Please send your dresses to us, and we will make sure they get to those that need them most in Africa. You can get the pattern, and all the details here.



How to make a dress from a pillowcase. Little Dresses For Africa.


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