How much do you like teal?


Today we are talking teal. Not a colour to be messed with. It's bold, bright and not to be hidden away in the bottom of a drawer, or Worn as underwear, (although I am sure there are beautiful teal undies somewhere, send us some pics if you find some). I have found these lovely bed socks, from Lowie. Not technically underwear, but close, and cosy!.

We dared to start the Secret Linen Store with the vibrance of teal in our signature Teasles pattern, and guess what, you love it .

Teal is a trend, it's going to be worn, used, splashed and spilt all over the place, just you wait and see. I bet that today you will now see more teal things than you can shake a Peacock feather at, just have a look.

So, what to do with Teal? Use it with care, just a little bit in a simple room, or one statement wall. Avoid too many shades of teal in one room and mix it with wood, concrete, natural linen and cork. Anything goes when mixing teal with natural colours and textures.

Here are a couple of Teal inspiration boards and colours suggestions to mix it with.

Be Brave, add some Teal ... Show us your teal trials and tit bits.

 teal 2Paint a wall teal?

teal room

Mix teal with natural colours

Teal 4



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