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The place I feel most inspired is definitely the train. I imagine it to be a combination of quiet, countryside views and not checking my emails every two minutes that gives my mind the time to clear and think about new ideas and possibilities. Unsurprisingly, I am writing this is on the train.

Living on the south coast, I make a regular pilgrimage to London and speeding through the Sussex landscape seems to invigorate my mind. Feeling inspired is a euphoric emotion and one that we should all embrace to challenge ourselves, both mentally and physically. Sounding a bit deep and spiritual? Yes, maybe, but remember I AM sitting on the train as I write this, with a cleansed and refreshed thinking space!

It’s not just the train, I find inspiration in many different places and activities. A bike ride with my son with views of the South Downs, a retro ceramic find in a charity shop, getting lost in a magazine or just listening to interesting people. Pinterest and Instagram are two inspiring places that I simply couldn’t live without now. Such a fabulous connection to the world outside my life. If you’re not already using them, try them out, and be sure to follow us...

January is often the time to reassess your goals. Feeling inspired and full of a need to do great things has such a positive effect, and it’s infectious. Watch those around you absorb it by osmosis. Let’s make the world a better place!... Ok, I’ve gone too far now but you get the picture.

So what places, people or things inspire you? Tell me, I love learning what makes others tick. In the meantime, I’m off to talk to the train company to see if I have can have a permanent desk on the Chichester to London Victoria service.

Have a great day


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