I am a little bit dotty


I'm getting over a bad cold... its made my brain all scrambled up and... well, a bit dotty!

I have always liked dots, small ones and big ones. bright dots and subtle dots. I like them on mugs, on shoes and especially on scarves made of silk.

dotty I am so so happy to see so many dotty things out and about in the shops.

Shopping for clothes is a hobby of mine, I could do it everyday. Trying on clothes, matching colours and patterns. Dots are everywhere at the moment, on feminine shirts, on denim and best of all, on our bedding. Woven in, they will always be there twinkling.

Our dotty bed linen comes in Milk White and Coffee Cream. I have it on my bed right now in milk white, mixed with milk white tiny check sheets. Its smooth and subtle with a sprinkling of luxury.

Are you a bit dotty?...try our dots, we will send you a sample to see?

dotty 2

 Dotty Coffee Cream with Dotty Coffee Cream Accessories.

dotty 3


Lovely dotty images from (lovely tights and shoes )

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