No more mellow yellow



Sunshine, Daffodils, Chicks, Roses, Pears. All come in many shades of yellow.



Following Easter, I'm having a yellow week, and looking to our new Olives Bed linen to inspire you to splash a little yellow at home.



When I say splash , I really mean a splash. It's not a colour to overwork.

Take our Olives Bed linen. It's a steely blue, mixed with a lovely bright yellow. The result is soft and a real statement. Mix it with natural and neutral walls and textiles ( no more pattern needed in this room !) . Our linen cushions work a treat, or anything with natural colours. Wood works really well too. Then ... find something else in yellow..

Paint a whole door, paint a door frame? Or find a great big yellow vase.. Have some fun and feel the sunshine in your room. Send us pictures of our Olives in your home.

olives 2

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