My favourite work place

Guimaraes, Portugal










I am in Guimaraes, Portugal, my favourite work place. It’s raining, which is unusual, and there is a little chill in the air…but I still love it. I have been coming here on business for eighteen years. When I’m here my evenings are precious and I love to spend them alone, wandering the streets and eating in one of the welcoming restaurants. The houses are tiled on the outside with colourful patterns and the doors are grand and coated with years of layered paint.

Being a working mum, nights away for work are tinged with guilt, but they allow an opportunity to explore, eat alone and sleep a complete night in a hotel room! It’s never for long though, just a few days.

Guimaraes has a maze of narrow cobbled streets, lined with tiny shops to browse. Most stay open into the evening. There is a bustle in the early evening as people come to drink in the square. The lights in the square create a fairy tale feeling when the sun has gone down. Lucky me, to know this special place so well.

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