Eating colourful in the winter

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Winter is in full swing... mist, fog, rain, we've had it all. Rest assured, we know sunnier days are ahead (we hope), but until they arrive we're turning to food to brighten up our days. Winter food has a reputation for being a bit beige, as much as we love hotpots and stews, they aren't the most inspiring thing to look at.

We're trying to pop a bit more colour onto our plate at mealtimes. Here's some of our favourite foods to brighten up your breakfasts, lunches and dinners this winter.

After all we do eat with our eyes first...


When your belly starts grumbling pick up some fruit; healthy, delicious and colourful. Try some of the less obvious (and more colourful) options. Winter is the perfect season for kiwi, passion fruit, cranberries and pomegranate.


Not your typical choice for a meal during winter, but the perfect thing to keep you feeling healthy for a new year. Salads don't have to be boring... Molly's favourite chef Yotam Ottelenghi proves this. Mixing together seeds, vegetables, grains and deliciously flavoured meats he creates salad bowls that look too good to eat. His cookbook is a must if you want to brighten up meal times.

Roasted Vegetables

Rather than stewing your vegetables in winter, pop them in the oven and roast them to bring out some truly delicious flavours and keep the colours. Roasted aubergine, carrots, parsnip, courgette, and peppers will all brighten up any dinner.


The perfect way to brighten your day is with a bright colourful breakfast.

If you're starting the year on a health kick, then smoothies are the perfect choice for breakfast. Put your boring sugary cereal to one side and mix up a delicious drink packed with fruit and veg to start your day.

Harriet's a huge smoothie fan... she swears by her morning smoothie: banana, spinach, peanut butter, kale and almond milk. For something a little brighter replace the kale and spinach with frozen berries.

We've written a post with all our favourite colourful breakfast recipes, go take a read and brighten up your weekend brunch.


It's the season for 'forced' rhubarb, so why not take advantage. Although usually beloved in the spring, we don't see why you shouldn't be adding rhubarb into your diet right now.

Whether you choose to make a cake, crumble, muffins or sorbet, this fruit shouldn't be missed from your shopping list. If you'd rather stay out the kitchen, why not enjoy a rhubarb G&T instead?


Raspberry filled banana bread. Lemon drizzle. Strawberry smothered Victoria sponge. No matter what cake you choose, add some fruit to the side to brighten it up.

Cake is always a good idea in winter.

Yotam Ottelenghi



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