Dressing up at any age

Dressing up fun
This is Stanley Bill, he is 6 and he's our nephew.

When we were kids, dressing up was a firm favourite in our house. With four girls, some of us were tom boys, some girly girls and we were all theatrical.  Not only did we have the standard princess get up, we had street urchins, scarecrows and all sorts. We had a lot of fun, especially when we got together with our cousins (also girls) and were making up plays and dance routines.

Now most of us have children ourselves, we like to keep the tradition going. In fact, some might say we have never grown out of the dressing up phase, our sister still has a brilliant wig and hat collection as young Stan is modelling here. They have been known to appear at grown up parties.

When I saw this picture of Stan with wig, specs and a jazzy hat, I laughed out loud. Not only does he look brilliant, he also looks just like our Mum and most of us girls did at that age. Genetics are such an wonderful thing.

You can't help but smile when you look at this picture, can you?

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