Our christmas gift guide

How can you choose the best gift? Where should you look to find something great..that people will talk about, keep for ever and cherish?

I am not good at this time of year. I like to think about christmas gifts, plan and hunt for the best idea..give a gift that is unique and clever. The only trouble at the moment is my lack of time. I've collated a handful of gift ideas that will be loved and also be useful. As I’m writing this, I've realized that it' just my wish list. I don’t think there's anything wrong with useful stuff,  infact I actually need some socks right now.  Think about something different, an experience gift can also be kept forever..

Here’s some ideas, there is still time ..don't panic.
Black and blum brrrrr
I love this ice cube tray. Fill it, lay it flat in the freezer to freeze, then knock the cubes out of the mouth. £9.99..fabulous idea.

for her

We all need a lovely hat, and in the last few days, I would have worn this loads. Here is my favourite from Hush . I LOVE the big bobble. £30

This tear drop shaped ring is lovely! I might be worried that I would spike my daughter, but I'd be extra careful santa, I promise. The shape is so nice, and it comes in silver or gold.
£40 from Matthew Calvin

I am a big fan of Plumo. This beaded collar is precious and perfect for a little soirée around Christmas time.£39. There are loads of other ideas from Plumo too, I could lose hours on their website.


Give someone a white Christmas? Our Luxury White Bedding is the best you can buy. If you love someone, let them sleep in this. If you share a bed with them, even better! Let us know its a gift, and we'll wrap it in our signature ribbon with extra special care. You can order bed linen up to the 22nd of December.

Give someone a great breakfast. The pig hotel has opened a Pig on the beach hotel this year, and along with your room, you can hire your very own beach hut! A great gift for someone who really needs a treat, and a break (ME??) . I have stayed at the Pig in Lyndhurst, it's lovely, and very relaxing, with great kitchen garden food too.
You can buy gift vouchers here.

The Pig

National Trust membership is a lovely christmas gift that will last all year, taking you to see many sites and experiences. The UK is a wonderful wonderful isle, so much to see and discover. This gift will encourage adventure, and what can be bad about that? The family membership is great for any family, of any age. Go on, explore.
From £43 here

national trust membership

So they are my ideas. I also just thought about hand cream, something we all need at this time of year. How about some L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand cream..its the best?

Enjoy giving

Share your ideas with us..



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