Small changes lead to big results

The Compund Effect

A new year always gets us thinking about our lives. Our successes and failures, how can we improve and be a better person. To be honest, most years I make a few resolutions and almost always break them. My usual cycle is to set myself a load of unachievable goals, try really hard for a week or two and then fall of the wagon. Sound familiar?

This year, and prompted by my husband, who incidentally is a 'new man' over the last few months, I didn't set any goals, I just started reading. Now, the whole "self help" book thing has never appealed to me. A load of hippy dippy mumbo jumbo, I thought.

With some skepticism, I took hubby's advice and started reading "The Compound Effect" by Darren Hardy. Well, what a game changer.

I won't give it all away because you really must read it, but it's a book that makes you stop and think. If you're cruising through life, this book is about taking a step back and turning your unconscious decisions (like shoving that next piece cake in your mouth) into conscious ones. If there are areas of your life you'd like to improve, tracking your behaviour and making small, manageable changes can lead to big positive results over time. There's no quick fix, or miracle solution, but hard work and mindfulness can lead to a more fulfilling and successful life. (Climbs down from her pedestal)

I can hardly believe I am saying all this, but having witnessed such positive changes in my other half, and the effect that has had on our family, it's so remarkable, I felt the urge to share this.

If you're a busy person (Usually my excuse for most things), start with 10 pages a day. You'll be amazed.

Now back to making bed linen.

Happy New Year


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