Champagne for breakfast




This morning I had the pleasure of being invited to a 'women in business ' breakfast with HSBC and Virginie Taittinger of Virginie T Champagne. The venue, The Chelsea Flower Show (very lucky me). It's the first time that I have sipped champagne at 8:30 AM, and according to Virginie that's fine. Apparently there is no good time to drink champagne, any time of the day is acceptable. Virginie has created her own label, which for a Woman , in the champagne industry is unique. Her champagne is aged for twice as long as most, which makes it more fruity, and the bubbles smaller and nicer in your mouth. The business, like ours, is straight from her to your door, making it more affordable. So inspiring to hear about her ups and downs, and risks she has taken to live her dream. She also credited her amazing youthful looks, slender figure and glowing skin, to drinking lots and lots of champagne...Cheers Virginie, inspiring and wonderful bubbles. try some.

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