The beautiful tiles of Portugal

Hello, I'm back, from a quick hop over to Portugal with our camera in tow for a trip around Guimaraes and our factories. We really want you to see the place that we know so well, and make our lovely linen. It's a beautiful City, with plenty to inspire. We have lots of images to share with you, we have even made a film! For's some of the tiles that we found sparkling in the sunshine.

tiles blog post

As I am a textile designer, I know I will always find something colourful and patterned to snap when wandering through the streets and shops.

This trip we actually made time for a walk and some inspiration (this has never happened before!). Portugal is great for many things, but the most noticeable feature for me, is the colourful ceramic tiles that cling onto the walls of the buildings, and pave the floors.

The tradition, named Azulejo has been around for five centuries. A tradition I love, it makes the houses look unique, colourful and very different to the red brick that we know and love here. Isn't it nice that we are all different ...

tiles blog post 2

Here's to Azulejo. I'm off to make some patterns. Send us some pictures if you have a tile feature at home, we would love to see!

tiles blog post 3

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