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Scandinavian inspired interiors are renowned for their simplicity and beauty. They experience the coldest winters and darkest days and so they’ve perfected their homes to stay warm, light and create a sanctuary away from the outside world… sounds perfect doesn’t it?

Scandi interiors are having their moment in the UK, but achieving this effortless look isn’t quite as easy as you’d think. Getting one element wrong will completely change the whole look and feel of your room. To make sure you get things just right we’ve got some simple rules to make your bedroom ooze Scandi style.


To create a bedroom that makes you feel calm you need to keep the colour palette calm.
Muted tones of soft greys, blue, blush and white are perfect. Avoid brash and bright colours, this isn’t the time to be adding pops of random colour, just keep it clean and simple.


Wood flooring is a staple look in Scandinavian homes. Living in countries with an abundance of forests, wood plays a huge part in the décor throughout the whole house. Either opt for wide oak beams or painted wooden floorboards to brighten up the room. If you can’t be without something snug beneath your toes, then add a big woolen rug to cover the floor.

Scandinavian Style Bedrooms. Secret Linen Store. Percale Stripe Grey

Scandinavian Style Guide. Secret Linen Store.


It might already be clear, but the most important texture in your Scandi style bedroom is wood. Not only for your floors but also with your furnishings. We finished our room off with a wooden bed, wooden photo frames and a Scandinavian side table with wooden legs. Other textures you can use are wool, linen, faux fur and glass.


When it comes to adding accessories to your bedroom, keep it to a minimum. There’s no space for trinkets, tumblers and random bits and bobs… clutter and calm don’t go hand in hand. If you’re going to add anything make it a small vase, a huge soft cotton throw or bedspread, and create a gallery wall with your favourite prints and family photographs.

 Scandinavian Style Guide. Secret Linen Store


Traditionally Scandinavian décor has lots of botanic prints… nowadays though we’re seeing more and more stripes appear (which, of course, we love!). Make sure any pattern bought into the bedroom is symmetrical, any random prints will only make the room feel messy. Use stripes with your soft furnishings like curtains or bedding… and you’re in luck as stripes are one of those rare patterns that never goes out of style.

Have you got any other tips and tricks or have you got the most amazing Scandinavian home? We love to chit chat so comment, call or find us in all the usual social places.

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