We love winter Pineapples

Trend, Pineapples. Secret Linen Store.

We’ve fallen head over heels for this fruity treat of a trend. They make us drift off to sunnier climates, where we’d be sitting on sun loungers all day and sipping on a Pina Colada (wouldn’t that be nice!).

The Pineapples that were everywhere, in both fashion and in our homes last year, were bright and bursting with colour. It’s no surprise that Pineapples have become a huge trend for interiors as they have such long history as a symbol of hospitality (and by long we mean 1600's long!). As they were such an expensive (and delicious) fruit they were seen as a symbol of wealth and status, especially if you had one adorning your centrepiece. Although Pineapples might not be as rare or exotic they are still associated with a welcoming home.

Pineapples might have a strong association with summer but we're not quite ready to let go, so it's time they had a refresh.


We’ve given the Pineapple something of a winter makeover… going darker and more glamorous than ever. Our Pineapples bed linen is sure to make a statement and looks amazing teamed with dark and dramatic walls as well as with bright colour pops of yellow.

Pineapples bed linen. Secret Linen Store

These dark colours go brilliantly with brass and metallic accessories. We particularly love the Pineapple ornaments by Brass Pineapples… they look like something you’d find in a treasure chest!

We'd love to hear what you think… do you love this trends new look or did you prefer it with a little more colour

Trend, Pineapples. Secret Linen Store.

Pineapples trend, Secret Linen Store

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  • Rachel @ The Ordinary Lovely

    Never have I wanted to drink cocktails in bed more! I love the pineapple trend. There's something so fun about it.

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