Dark walls... a new love affair

Secret Linen Store. My love affair... dark bedrooms. Relaxed Denim Navy

I always had white. A white bedroom, white kitchen, the hall was white, and the living room. I had white bedding on my bed and owned about six different white shirts (although admittedly different shapes). I love white because it is a blank canvas. I wanted this for all my stuff, my things and all my clutter… but I’ve changed.

As I get older (there’s just been a big birthday with a 4 in it) I’m falling out of love with my stuff, I’m clearing out constantly and longing for a life free of the clutter that really no one needs.

Painting my bedroom dark grey was the start of this journey. I realised that the colour alone was enough. The dark paint (which I LOVE) has created the mood in the room, and not much else is needed.

Secret Linen Store. My love affair... dark bedrooms.

A dark bedroom is wonderful, it’s lovely to still have the light that flows in through the windows, but somehow it feels cosy… all the time. I have very low lighting and can’t get enough of candles which is perfect for settling in to watch a film. Although I must admit it’s not a great space for reading, but I’ll improve that.

Painting a wall dark is brave. It might seem daunting, but remember it is only paint. I did lots (and lots) of tester patches in my room, across different areas of the room to see how it looked in different lights. The one I liked best in the pot was the one I liked least on the wall!

Secret Linen Store. My new love affair... dark bedrooms. Tiny Stripe Dove Grey

There was only one thing that created disagreements, the windows and skirting. It’s a very brave person that will go dark ALL over… I would have done it, but on this occasion, I wasn’t allowed.

So, at the moment I am loving navy, teal and grey walls, here are some that I love. One day, when I have a really big house, I will have a room in every colour.

Send us your pictures, we would love to see how dark you’ve gone in your rooms. BE BRAVE.

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