How to decorate with marble

Bedroom style ideas. How to decorate with marble. Florence, pink marble bed linen.

Adding natural materials into your bedroom is always a good idea... and our favourite of the bunch, marble. In it's raw form it can be an expensive addition to your room, but since becoming a 'must have' trend in 2015, you can now splash this pattern around your home in so many different ways.

Grab a cuppa (even better if in a marble mug) and have a peruse through our tips for styling marble in your home interior.

The first (and most important) rule of incorporating marble into your interior is to know that you should only do so in small doses. Accents splashed here and there, or one big, bold and beautiful statement.

Marbleous metallics

Metallics sit beautifully with marble patterns so it's no wonder that lots of home accessories are now mixing the two. Depending on whether you opt for silver, rose gold or copper the finished look can really vary. Although we love the look of marble and metallics, keep them to a minimal... scatter a few accessories here and there for a chic finish.


Accessories that pack a punch

Although 'proper' marble can be costly, smaller accessories (or ceramic imitations) can be a way to inject some pattern into your bedroom whilst saving you some pennies. Accessories are a great way to quickly change the look and feel of a room. You can swap and change you styling of your accessories to suit the current season.

Our favourite 3 marble accessories for your bedroom:

  1. Marble base lamp with pastel pink shade. Our two favourite things. Oliver Bonas. £58
  2. Copper and marble clock... added bonus, no alarm! Hurn & Hurn. £25
  3. Marble mugs. For the emergency morning coffee. Gary Birks, NOTHS. £11.25



Textiles and Furniture

For a statement, and a shift away from white and grey marble our Florence bed linen is the perfect way to introduce some design detail if you don’t usually stray from a crisp white set. The set was designed alongside interior designers, the 2 Lovely Gays... their inspiration? The marbled wallpapers that they bought home from their honeymoon in, you guessed it... Florence.

Style Florence with natural materials like wood, cement and marble accessories and other dusky hues like terracotta.

If a statement on your bed isn't for you, then make a statement next to it. Marble furniture doesn't come cheap but it gives an instant pizzazz to your room. Instantly it looks chic, sophisticated and oozes style.

No matter whether you’re a traditionalist or a modernist, marble is a timeless natural pattern that can suit every taste.



How to decorate with marble. Florence bed linen

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