Boys bedroom ideas that aren't blue

When it comes to decorating a boy’s bedroom it is so easy to make the obvious choice and go for blue. Blue paint, blue carpet, blue curtains and blue bedding – blue everything! We love blue… in fact we really love blue, in any shade but sometimes it’s worth trying something a little different. We’ve put together some boy’s bedroom ideas that offer alternative bedroom colours whilst still oozing with style.


Monochrome is a fantastic colour option to create a more grown up space, has been a huge trend within interiors and works fantastically for children’s spaces as well. Pattern works really well with black, white and grey (our Charcoal Stars is perfect!). To avoid the space becoming boring either add a pop of colour (red and yellow work well) or lots of texutre and natural materials like wooden furniture, soft rugs, cushions and curtains. A children’s space still has to encourage creativity and a great way of doing this is to add a few layers of chalkboard paint onto a cupbaord door or a space on the wall, this way you might avoid wayward scrawls around the rest of the house!


Charcoal Stars


Another obvious choice for a boy’s bedroom colour has to be green. Typically green can be very overpowering but it’s all about making the right choice in shade. Opt for darker shades of green… forest, olive and sea green are all great for creating a outdoorsy feel and bringing the wilderness in. Complete the look by using natural coloured linens and curtains, and add a textured rug. If you really want to make an indoor jungle, place a couple of potted trees and plants around the room and include shelving from large pieces of natural wood.

Green bedrooms


Step back in time and add vintage touches to a bedroom, the trend has exploded for adults and works just as well for children. You can mix shop bought items with bargain finds (you will be surprised what gems you can find at your local boot sale!). If you’re feeling crafty use beloved old pieces of furniture and give them a vintage makeover. Choosing a vintage themed bedroom also allows old toys to be displayed with pride whether it be an old toy plane fixed to the wall or wooden toys displayed proudly. Keep colours neutral and make sure to add a dose of personality through oversized wooden letters and Polaroid style family photos.


Vintage bedroom

Primary Colours

Go for something a little brighter by incorporating primary colours into a boy’s bedroom. Primary colours make for a lively children’s space and add energy into a room. Avoid colour induced headaches and stick to neutral white walls for the backdrop. These colours can be styled in so many ways to suit your child’s character. If you’re feeling brave opt for bright furniture, bedding and a rug or for a more subtle approach select just one element of their room to brighten up.

Primary Colours


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