A bit of all white...bed linen

white bed linen


Once upon a time, white bed linen was all about simple, plain design. Cool crisp cotton and maybe a little embroidery. Nothing wrong with that you say? And you'd be right, you can't beat a good white cotton cord design or a plain percale.

However...we since discovered that white needn't always be plain, and introduced subtle patterns using the Jacquard weaving process. Using an off white, or "milk white" warp, and weaving an optic white weft through it, we suddenly get shimmering patterns that deserve a gasp. Some of these white bed linen designs have a smooth sateen finish (Above left). Some are less traditional, with our signature "relaxed" soft finish which is likened to linen with it's great handle, drape and crumple effect.

We've also done something new with a denim weave (Above bottom right). Using this textured weaving process, we can't get enough of the super soft finish on these bad boys.

If you want to feel the difference yourself, order some of our free fabric samples. We want everyone to see that White doesn't need to be boring.'s "all white" to try something new...(I'm here all week, try the veal)

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