Are you soft or smooth?

Are you a smoothie or a softie?


Us: Our bed linen is finished in different ways.

You : Why is that Secret Linen Store?

We know that we are all different, some of us like parsnips and some of us don't. I really dislike parsnips, but i love carrots. When we designed our collection, we wanted to give you choice, not only in design and colour, but also in the finish and how it feels against your PJ's.

The finish is created after weaving. The woven fabric heads off to be groomed and pampered. The results are quite different.

A sateen finish(below) is smooth and leaves behind a surface that has a sheen, still a wonderful handle and drape, but a smart and shiny finish. The soft finish (above) creates  more relaxed look and feel, no shine, just a super soft surface.

We also have a crisp and smart finish on our 200 thread count percale. This is crisp, cool and smart. Again, no shine, but a great feel especially when freshly laundered and ironed ...

You can order our swatches for free, we will send them quick as a flash, you can feel for yourself.

How long until bed time?




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