Do you sleep like a Pussycat Doll?

What to wear in bed


Nicole Scherzinger has been quoted in today's Evening Standard online as saying "I don’t wear anything when I sleep. I hope that doesn’t creep anyone out. I find clothes are restricting, so when I wake up they are usually on the floor."

This got me thinking about my own sleep wear. I must admit, I don't sleep in the nuddy, but I do have an issue with Pyjama bottoms. Don't get me wrong, I love them for lounging, the softer the better (In my humble opinion, M&S are the best at this), but I just can't get on with them when I sleep. I get too hot, they get in a tangle, and I end up whipping them off in the night. Pj's have their place, and I can't wait to slip into my "home clothes" in the evening, but I don't like to sleep in them. "Home Clothes" or "Comfies" as we call them in my house, always consist of super soft cotton loungers or joggers, a sweatshirt, slippers and my Grandma's (Who's sadly no longer with us) hand knitted cardigan. Changing when I get home from work is like peeling off the stresses of the day and relaxing into home mode.

So, what do you wear to bed? My husband will only sleep in his birthday suit (Sorry darling!), but that's too cold for me. A good old vest and pants is my nightwear of choice. Nothing fancy, normally a vest that's too shabby for daytime anymore.

Now nighties...I'm not so sure. I don't think I have worn one since I was 10. Maybe i'm missing a trick.

I've shared my bedtime secrets, now it's your turn. Are you a Scherzinger or not?

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