How often should we wash our sheets?

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You may or may not be alarmed to know that almost a fifth of the UK population don't wash their sheets more than once a month, and a small percentage only wash them once a year! Erggh Yuk.

If this news is making your skin crawl then you must be one of the healthy, sensible ones who washes your bed sheets at least once a week. Ok, so none of us relish the task of stripping the bed, bundling all that linen into the machine and finding somewhere to dry it (particularly in the winter months). My house certainly becomes a Chinese laundry at times...but not keeping on top of it could damage your health.

Yes, that's true. We spend an average 2 out of every 7 days in bed asleep, and during that time we'll shed dead skin, lose fluids and oils. No matter how good our personal hygiene, this is something we can't control.  These secretions don't harm us of course but they are a veritable feast for dust mites, who in turn will leave their tiny droppings on our bedding. Apologies for the graphic details but it's these little gifts that contain allergens which can cause various health problems like eczema and asthma.

Washing your bedding regularly will help to get rid of these unwelcome guests so try to do it once a week. You'll sleep better knowing your bed is fresh & clean and i'm sure we all agree that climbing into clean sheets is one of life's simple pleasures. Sunday night is clean sheets night for me, and making the bed seems to turn into a family occasion. The children hide under the duvet and jump on the bed while my husband and I try not to lose our cool over the job in hand. It must take a good 15 minutes, but they at least enjoy it.

How many of you will be changing your sheets tonight?

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