What do you wear to bed?

Tell us what you wear in bed, oh please.


It’s a contentious issue that can divide friends, cause arguments between partners and rip entire offices apart: is it strange to sleep in your birthday suit?

Those in the ‘for’ camp claim sleeping naked is healthier and allows them to luxuriate in their lovely bed linen while opponents prefer the comfort that a nice set of PJ's offers – but what do you think? We just love these cosy and bright PJ's from our favourite nightwear store Hush, do you fancy some of these?

We want to find out what the UK wears in bed and would love you to get involved. Please complete our really quick survey to let us know your preferences - then why not ask your friends, too?

Will we discover that most people in the east midlands prefer to sleep in their birthday suits? Maybe women in their 30s secretly favour a cute nightie? Or perhaps single people like to wrap themselves in their king size duvet and nothing else? We can’t wait to find out!

Follow this LINK, and share your secrets. its really good of you to help out.

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