Knitted throws to keep you warm

Knitted Cotton Dove Grey Throw


One thing I love nothing more at this time of year, is snuggling under a warm and cosy throw on my sofa. With the darker, colder evenings setting in, I find any excuse to get my "home clothes" on as soon as I get home and once the children are in bed and the dinner is finished it's time to grab the knitted throw and hit the sofa.

I have a bit of an obsession with throws and blankets. I guess it comes with the job but I probably have around 6 or 7 in various styles, colours and patterns. Some always stay on the bed, and some live downstairs. The children have their favourites and when they're not being used, they're folded on the end of the sofa. They are also good, as we discovered at the weekend, for turning coffee tables and sofa cushions into pirate ships.

This is the perfect time of year for updating your throw collection or why not give the gift of sofa snuggling to your loved ones?

Above is our Knitted Cotton Throw. It's chunky and warm, made in 100% cotton and a steal at only £69. Also available in Smoky Blue.

What do you think?

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