How to keep cool in bed

Keep cool at night
It’s hot, it’s sticky, and you’ve tried the one leg out of the duvet trick. The window's open but there doesn't appear to be any air in the room. Your throat is dry and guess what? can’t sleep. Sound familiar?

There’s nothing worse than an unsettled night’s sleep during these warm summer nights, so would you like to know how to keep cool in bed? We can’t lower the temperature, but we can suggest some simple tips to help you get a restful sleep.

1. Pop a bowl of water somewhere in your bedroom. It will act as a dehumidifier and add some moisture back into the warm dry air.

2. Make sure you are sleeping in 100% cotton bed linen only. Polyester and Polycotton mixes will only raise your temperature with their man-made fibres. That includes your nightwear too, or maybe you’re so hot you’re not wearing any!

3. If you've tried a summer weight duvet, and you're still too hot, try sleeping with a cotton flat sheet and bedspread combination. You get the weight of the bedspread to help you feel cosy, whilst removing the heat of any feathers or fillings. Make sure you opt for a large size bedspread, or you'll be tussling with your bed fellow.

Cotton bedspread
Try our Meadow Bedspread above with our Tiny Stripe Blue Flat Sheets

Teasles Bedspread

Teasles Bedspread above with our Relaxed Denim, Duck Egg Flat Sheets

4. A fan is the obvious choice to get the air flowing, but they’re so noisy. Well not any more. Dyson have invented a stylish fan that’s 75% quieter than your standard fan. We’re saving our pennies to buy one, and they look pretty cool too.

5. Invest in some non black, black out blinds or curtains, and keep them shut all day. This way, you’ll stop the sun warming the room up too much during the day and keep the sunshine out at 5am in the morning when you’re still trying to sleep.

They're our tips for what they're worth. If you've got any more, please tell us your secrets...

Keep your cool (Just like Mr Pinkerton here)

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