Cotton, it is amazing!


Cotton is quite something, have you ever stopped to think about it, and how many uses it has. Where would we be without it?

Cotton is a natural fibre, it grows on the cotton plant. White puffy fibres grow around the seeds of the plant. They are quite beautiful! These are harvested and then spun into a fine yarn that can be woven or knitted. Cotton makes a soft, breathable cloth that is used worldwide. Us humans have been practicing this for many many generations, we have created many different blends and combinations. It really is amazing.

Cotton is the biggest non-food commodity in the world, and it is worth a lot of dough. It checks in at around $50 billion per year…that’s a lot of white fluff!

We only use cotton for all of our bedding due to its unique and durable property’s.

Cotton grows well in sunny and warm climates, it need sunshine, long seasons for growing, lots of water and dry weather for harvesting. Cotton can be harvested by machine, but as cotton is a produce of developing countries, it is often hand harvested.

The cotton is then combed and spun and cleaned and loved and the result is a unique yarn that can be used for clothing and furnishing. Cotton can be dyed, and also mixed with other fibres.

So, that is a snippet about cotton. Take a moment today to think about the wonder of cotton and all the things that you use today that come from this pretty plant.

Happy Fluffy Friday


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