The importance of my bed

What my bed means to me


What does my bed mean to me?

The last 9 months, deciding to start the Secret Linen Store, planning and then creating the business has been an emotional roller coaster. Excitement, panic, stress, joy, so many feelings to contend with. The one thing I have continued to be guaranteed (thank heavens) is my sleep. Although I have always been an early riser, I am a good sleeper.

What do I put this down to? My bed...this is my solace. When i'm struggling to keep up with the pace my life is moving at, my bed is the only place I feel relaxed. It's like a switch is flicked the minute I climb into bed, my brain can do nothing but slow down, and the tension of the day just seems to evaporate. Having working for a bed company for many years, I am fortunate to have a pretty fabulous bed and mattress, and my bedding is of course from Secret Linen Store too. Don't underestimate how important a good mattress is...mine is memory foam and it's AMAZING!

I like to read in bed, although at the moment, I rarely manage more than a few pages before my eyes are drooping and i'm getting an elbow in the ribs because i'm snoring. My favourite time in bed is Sunday mornings, the kids climb in and we make a "children" sandwich, squishing them in the middle, which they of course think is hilarious. When they start getting too loud and jumping all over us, I know it's time to get up.

So for me, my bed is not only the place where I's where I think, make plans with my husband and laugh with my family. A truly special place...

What does your bed mean to you?

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