So , life is a bit different right now, but as long as we have Ada, things will be just fine.

Our Ada is Harriet’s 9 year old daughter and she quite the budding poet. She is often in our office packing orders and coming up with crazy marketing ideas. She is our number one fan.

Here’s her Secret Linen Store poem to make you smile:

Isn’t this virus doing your head in?
So you might as well buy some brand new bedding.
Sheets, pillows or cosy new duvets
We’re open all week, including Tuesdays.

Go on the internet if your bored
and look at our linen it’s hard to ignore.

If your bored you need to be entertained, you could play a board game,
but don’t play with your brother, he’ll think that’s lame.

Or you could build a den and read in it from dusk till dawn but
I won’t be surprised in the morning if you’re still tired and you start to yawn.

When this virus has gone we’ll be stronger than ever,
you think we’ll close down the business… ppfff, never!

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